About Lexee Booshay

I’m a Mortal Alien, Author & Prison Wife. I seek the power in all my gloom, live to love, and say what’s on my skull.

I don’t measure mortal’s success by their job title, the car they drive, the house they live in, how many Coach purses they got or any of that poo poo. Success, to me, is measured by happiness. I didn’t always have this perspective, though.

If you read my dark memoir, Pray to Aliens, you’ll understand my purpose on Earth. I didn’t even get it until I wrote it. You see, writing it forced me into solitude. I had to learn to sit still and let the answers come. I also had to let go of needing all the damn answers.

By skill, I’m a Marketing Fairy. By passion, I’m a Writer. By purpose, I lOooVe.

“Lexee, are you out of your friggin’ mind?” I have been asked. “Yes, I am. I am out of my mind. I’m my worse when I STAY in it,” is my response.

I believe I was sent to this planet, with a mortal body and an alien spirit, to help you mortals by offering perspective – perspective on how to use your gloom to your advantage to discover your mortal purpose just as I have.

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Smooches Darlings,